The Basic Necessities For All Adults

Many people without children often feel they do not have a need for Estate Planning.  This is due to the common idea that Estate Planning is only about planning for your death or giving away your money when you die.  The truth is, you also need a plan in case something happens to you and you cannot take care of your own affairs.  You need to put someone in place and give them the authority and direction to manage your financial affairs or make decisions regarding your medical treatments, then once you are better, you will take back those responsibilities.  

Our process begins with a 15-min phone call, at no charge, to learn about your situation and see if our firm is right for you.  We will also discuss the next steps in the process if you want to dive a little deeper into your options.

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For those of you that are single or married without children Estate Planning can seem like something that can be put off until you are older.  However, it is important that you have at least a basic plan in place so that if you are incapacitated for a period of time someone you trust has the power to make decisions and that they know what how you want things handled.