Kurt L. Kazmierczak was born in 1976 in Elkhart, Indiana.  After college, he moved to Indianapolis and became a financial advisor.  In 2006, he and his family embarked on an adventure and moved to the Denver, Colorado area.  After deciding to leave the financial business and go into the law (and after not striking it rich with his gold panning hobby), the family decided in 2012 to move back to Indiana where he attended Valparaiso University Law.  After graduating, he and some friends from law school opened a law firm handling a wide area of law.  In 2020, he made the tough decision to go on his own and opened a practice to focus on helping local families in dealing with and preparing for the legal aspects of their financial lives.


My mission is to help families and individuals plan for the outcomes they truly want for themselves and their families.


Many people think they know what they want because they've heard they need this or that.  What I find is that often times what they want doesn't create the end result they have in mind.  My vision is that through counseling and educating my clients, I can help them get the outcome they desire in the most cost effective way possible.